Ihre Spenden sind in Kavala eingetroffen!

Ich bitte um Verständnis dass ich dieses mal Kostas' Text nicht übersetzen kann...

Hello to everyone,

I want to say a big thanks to anyone of you for the donations,each donation.
For the blankets,for the foods,for the presents,for the toys,for the chocolates...

Is so important all your support to this fight,all your support to Evis fight for her shelter.
Sometimes and there are a lot of "sometimes" the words are so small to show our feelings.

My cat is not stopping to running the ball as you will see the video,is his first EVER present.

So thanks to all of you that showing your support to TiNG's team from the beginning,about 2008 that I started to work with mrs Lottgen,mrs Lange,mrs Scholzen,mrs Gerdes,mrsGeilfuss and so many others from the past (who apologize if I forget some names) until now days to mrs Ilona Wolff and Richarda Borkenstein (of course),to the couple Gaby and Manfred Muller,mrs Kruth,mrs Mitchel and of course to mrs Britta Hausse.

In conclusion I want to wish to have big strength mrs Lottgen by the "lost" of her sweet and crazy (with the balls) Jemmy and to think that the love with love is "moving". Never forget Jemmy. Good luck my friend and say hello to my children Robert,Bella and Tito.We will meet someday somehow.

Anyway my friends keep going support the new try of TiNG team with leader mrs Lottgen,she knows BETTER.

See you.