Ihre Spenden sind in Karditsa angekommen;-)

Evi schreibt dazu:

Kalimera all of you there.-)

3 pallets came full with many canned and many blankets for the winter, as well as other useful things for our dogs, but also some of shoes and toys for children.-))

But this was one of the rare moments that I had with me my team Ting
and helped me to collect your donations, so nice to have so many hands beside you.-)

A big thank you to all supporters and also a big thanks to my team Ting for their visit to Karditsa as well had the opportunity to live a few days our everyday life and the harsh reality of so close.-)

Also xilia euxaristo for the many wonderful delicacies, two pallets full of them, really incredible.-)))

Euxaristo poli-poli.-))))